Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Seeing is everything! Your sight determines the quality of your life! What and how you see will determine your advance in life! What and how you see will determine whether your life will be played out in high definition tech-no color or in black and white. Your perspective of life will determine your additives in this life.

Two persons look at a cup with water at the half way mark and one sees a half empty cup while the other sees a half full cup. The difference in perspective looks slight but is far more differing than often realize.

One has a positive perspective which provokes creativeness while the other has negative perspective which stops the creative juices from flowing.

As you come into school, you are left with different choices, and most especially two choices; to do right or to do wrong, to choose failure or to choose success.

But remember, failure has no friend. It is of course a looser and no one is born to fail because God can not waste his time creating failure. It mostly befalls a person if he is lazy and doesn’t see reasons to succeed in life. So to give failure a wide berth in your life, endeavor to succeed in all that you do, more importantly in your career.

For every human being there is a dream. The dream to be great in life, this dream may begin as soon as one start being conscious of him self. So, what are your dreams, what do you see in your future? What profession do you dream of? And in all, how do you see your dreams?

Remember all dreams need some push or efforts to come through.

If your sight determines your life then you have got to work on your seeing. You have got to make sure that you are seeing right. There is more to seeing than meets the eyes! Don’t just fold your arms and nurse that dream to be great, do something!

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