Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Within a world that has been seeing its fair share of ups and downs; I have personally seen the good, the bad and the ugly. With a global recession looming above our shoulders, it’s our youngsters who face the biggest difficulties within the upcoming years.
My name is Sabirul Islam, and I for one am delighted to be writing this foreword for Oseyomon Solomon Ighodaloh who has shown dedication and passion to have written a book to make the future of young people across the world a success.
I came across Oseyomon at the Under 30’s Financial Summit, in Awka, Nigeria where I was invited by Withworth entrepreneurship consultancy, and endorsed by Professor Uche Azikiwe (the first first lady of Nigeria) to inspire the youthful and passionate Nigerians. My vision is to promote entrepreneurship across the world and inspire as many young people to create opportunities through my company called The World at Your Feet. The talk I gave in Awka was something which I personally felt was very different and challenging. And to have come across so many motivated individuals who wanted to make a change within their lives was something of a blessing.
I can personally say that growing up in very similar backgrounds; it’s a form of motivation in itself to want to do something unique and different to be someone extraordinary who can get their voices heard. I feel the vision of Oseyomon through this book, it illustrates his desire in wanting to not just make a change in his life but help others along the way.
Having personally written a book myself called The World At Your Feet; Three Strike to a Successful Entrepreneurial Life, it gives me pleasure to have inspired Oseyomon into publishing his own book. For me, age is no barrier having set up my own first business at 14, written my first book at 17 and now aged 19; it goes to show that age should never come in the way in stopping all young people out there to do the same. It’s all in the matter of ‘How?’ I personally feel that this book illustrates the strength and depth into personal beliefs and values behind success and creating opportunities and to have read this book with such a great smile on my face, I feel it’s a change to how young people can see a greater vision whether they are born and raised in very difficult situations or not.
A message I would like to pass on to everyone is that through this book, the vision of a person will grow, the belief within a person will grow and the knowledge of understanding of a young mind will grow. So I hope that this book can bring a smile on to the face of many people across the nation and across the globe as it definitely put a smile on mine.
Oseyomon is someone who will now only grow with confidence and it’s an honor to have written this foreword.
After meeting Oseyomon through at the Under 30’s Financial Summit in Awka, Nigeria and hearing about Oseyomon vision for ‘developing success’ there was much I saw in him that I admired and his drive and determination led me to accept his humble offer to write this foreword. Oseyomon is not someone who is a pessimist but a person who seeks to succeed and along the way make success happen for others.
I hope you enjoy this book and you take the steps necessary for you to create the future you deserve!
Sabirul Islam.
CEO, the World at Your Feet, United Kingdom.

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