Saturday, April 9, 2011


Nigerian man: oh God!! We die everyday on our roads; we can’t boast of electricity for half a day constantly; the police that are supposed to protect us are stealing and killing innocent people; we have no food to eat, no water and no accommodation; our schools have no books and no real teachers, our hospitals are eyesores. We’ve been praying to you to make our country be like other developed countries which you made but you have not answered us, why? Why?

God: don’t make me laugh. Are you asking Me to make your roads, provide you electricity and water, provide you schools and hospitals, etc? I did not make those developed countries as you claim. They made themselves, by their toil, their collective will. Read their histories, the people chose the leaders that would lead them and they are ready to fight for what they want with their lives and to defend it also with their lives.

I’ve given you more than enough in this country already. It is yours to choose the leaders you want. It is yours to decide which system of government is best for you. It is yours to spend your money wisely. It is yours to fight and die for the country you want.

Nigerian man: but God our leaders have………

God: shhhhh!! You people in this country complain and pray a lot, when all you need to do is take your destiny in your own hands. Now the 2011 elections have come again, time for you to go out and vote in the right person that will make your country better and take you to the promise land. The voting process starts in April 2011; have you registered and made plans to vote, have you encouraged people around you to do same; your family members, school mates, friends, co-workers, church and mosque members and even that stranger along your path? Ahaaa!! It is either you “VOTE OR SHUT UP!!” Ha ha ha.

Nigerian man: Man God eh!! You too much!! I have registered and I must vote and encourage everyone to do the same. Na “VOTE OR SHUT UP!!” I go also support and join the group on facebook and invite all my friends; we go dey torchlight and share information wey go move our kampe country forward even after the elections.

Nigerian man sings: “VOTE OR SHUT UP!!” “VOTE OR SHUT UP!!” “VOTE OR SHUT UP!!”



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